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Market Specials 10/6-12

UPick this Weekend Apples: $1.35/lb Last weekend for Honeycrisp – available while they last at upick! Red & Golden Delicious, Ida Red, Evercrisp UPick Special on Pumpkins: 29¢/lb Peppers: $1.00/lb Eggplant: $1.00/lb Beans: $1.00/lb Tomatoes: 75¢/lb GARWOOD MARKET SPECIALS 10/6-12: GARWOOD UTILITY GRADE HONEYCRISP: $14.95/Half Bushel MI...
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Specials 8/31-9/6

Garwood Specials 8/31-9/6 UPICK APPLE SEASON IS HERE! The Weekend UPick Area is Now Open GARWOOD GRILLE OPEN ON WEEKENDS UPick Opens at 9am and Closes at 5:30pm Last Wagon to the Picking Area is at 5pm GARWOOD HOMEGROWN TOMATOES 69¢/lb Round, Roma, Green, or Yellow 1/2...
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Garwood Specials 8/24-30

At the UPick Zestar Apples thru Sunday 8/26 Red Raspberries, Peppers, Tomatillos, Tomatoes, Green Beans, and Pickles (Pickle Patch Closed Mon & Thurs) Gala & Blondee Apples start 9/1 Honeycrisp UPick starts 9/8 Homegrown Garwood Apples Available at the Market Now! Premier Honeycrisp & Zestar Paula Red...
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