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UPick Opens June 8th

Berries at the Market are available Now. $4.50/quart $15 for 5lb Basket $30 for 10lb Basket $16 for 4qt Flat $32 for 8 qt Flat Strawberry upick will open this Friday, 6/8. Hours are 9-5:30 (last wagon to go out from the market is at 5pm). $2/lb...
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Garwood Specials 8/4-10

Garwood Specials 8/4-10 Michigan Red Haven Peaches $29.95 Half Bushel At the UPick this Weekend: Pickles, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Red Raspberries, and Zestar Apples! SEEDLESS WATERMELON: $2.99 GARWOOD PICKLES $16.95 Half Bushel UPick or At the Market GARWOOD GREEN BEANS $15.95 Half Bushel At the Market Only...
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Garwood Specials 7/21-27

Garwood Specials 7/21-27 GARWOOD’S FAMOUS SWEET CORN NOW IN AT THE MARKET! CORN & DONUT COMBO! Buy 1 Dozen of Each JUST $10.00 Save $4.45 with the Combo! TENNESSEE or KENTUCKY TOMATOES $1.48/LB LODI (Transparent) APPLES 88¢/LB While Supplies Last INDIANA ZUCCHINI or YELLOW SQUASH 88¢/LB XL...
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