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At the UPick for Sunday 9/27

UPick for Sunday 9/27 Black & Red Raspberries Honeycrisp Apples (While they last) Red & Golden Delicious Apples Anbrosia Apples (While they last) Pixie Crunch Apples Jonagold Apples Tomatoes Green Beans Cabbage Indian Corn Sunflowers (Last Week) Tomatillo Fall Hard Squash Gourds Pickles (Few) Brussel Sprouts (Few)...
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UPick this Week 9/14-20

Red & Black Raspberries Blackberries (Few) Honeycrisp Apples Macintosh Apples Blondee Apples (Few) Early Fuji Apples Pixie Crunch Apples Tomatoes Peppers of all kinds Pickles (Starting 9/16) Green Beans Cabbage Brussel Sprouts Indian Corn Sunflowers Eggplant Tomatillo Fall Squash Gourds Note: Red Raspberries are available on weekdays...
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