2020 Garwood UPick Start Dates (Updated 8/17)

Garwood Estimated Picking Start Dates
End Dates Vary – Call for Daily Updates at 219-362-4385

Strawberries – Done for the Season

Early July
Sugar Snap Peas
Green Beans and Wax Beans
Blueberries – Done for the Season
Red & Black Raspberries – Done for the Summer Season (Fall Berries)

Mid July

Early August
Brussel Sprouts
Tomatoes (Green, Yellow, Red, Roma, and Heirloom)
Hot Peppers (Banana, Cubanelle, Serrano, Jalapeno, Poblano)
Sweet Banana Peppers

Mid August
Green Bell Peppers

Late August
Early Gold Apples
Zestar Apples
Premier Honeycrisp Apples
Red & Black Raspberries

Early September
Gala Apples
Macintosh Apples
Blondee Apples
Mid September
Hard Squash (Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti)
Honeycrisp Apples
Early Fuji Apples

Late September
Golden and Red Delicious Apples

Early October
Indian Corn
Jonagold Apples
Autumn Crisp Apples
Crimson Crisp Apples
Empire Apples (Weekday Picking Only)
Pixie Crunch Apples

Mid October
Ida Red Apples

Late October Apples
Fuji Apples
Granny Smith Apples
Gold Rush Apples
Evercrisp Apples
Pink Lady Apples
Braeburn Apples

Apple Cider will start in the Market in Early September
Watch for a NEW APPLE VARIETY Ludacris ready for picking in 2022!

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Garwood Orchard & Farm Market in Northwest Indiana offers a Farm Market, Bake Shoppe, Gelato Bar, Seasonal Grill and UPick Farm.

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