Garwood UPick Items

Estimated UPick Starting Dates for Garwood Grown Fruits/Vegetables
Pricing to be announced as season opens on items.
Estimated dates – CALL FIRST 219-362-4385 before coming for a specific item.
Note: No upick Sweet Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines or Plums this season.

Strawberries: June 3
Red Raspberries: June 18
Black Raspberries: June 26
Tart Cherries: June 26
Blueberries: June 26
Pickles: July 15
Green Beans: August 1
Tomatoes: August 15
Peppers: August 20
Blackberries: September 15

Zestar: August 19
Gala: September 1
Blondee: September 1
McIntosh: September 5
Honeycrisp: September 8
Red Delicious/Golden Delicious: September 23
Fuji: September 25
Pink Lady: October 15
Gold Rush: October 27

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Garwood Orchard & Farm Market in Northwest Indiana offers a Farm Market, Bake Shoppe, Gelato Bar, Seasonal Grill and UPick Farm.

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