U Pick Update 6/25-26

UPick update for 6/25-6/26

Black Raspberries: Good picking-$3.25/lb

Red Raspberries: Good picking-$3.25/lb

Raspberry Special this weekend. Black or Red.
Pick 1 flat of 12 pints get your second flat at 50% off. Or pick one 10 lb basket (not recommended) and get 2nd 50% off.

Pickles: Good picking. $1.25/lb. No pets or Children in patch. Don’t walk or pull vines! Minimum size is 3 inches long and 1.5 inch diameter or price will be $2.00 lb for anything smaller.

We will not have dill in the market for a couple weeks.

Tart Cherries–Good picking-$2.00/lb

Sweet Cherries-Closed

About another 8 days only.

Green Beans -$1.25/lb will start Thursday.

Blueberries- Open today! Light Picking. $1.85/lb. May or may not be open tomorrow. Call ahead.

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Garwood Orchard & Farm Market in Northwest Indiana offers a Farm Market, Bake Shoppe, Gelato Bar, Seasonal Grill and UPick Farm.

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